Pastor Matthew's Blog

March 19, 2019:

Time is fast approaching for spring breaks, summer vacations and Easter.

The time of year where new life springs forth and the old passes away.

The springs rains come and the trees, flowers and green grass begin to unfurl in all of their beauty.

This remains me of our relationship with God. There are times of chilly, cold winters. Those moments of doubt and fear.

But God is always faithful, He made a promise that He would not leave nor forsake us. He made a promise to guide us and direct us.

He made a promise to love and return again for us. As I remember and consider His faithfulness, it helps me press onward and upward.

I can not detour around those winter months but I can press through them. I can have victory in Christ. I can renew my strength and mount up with the wings as the eagle.

I can see my soul restored and just like the spring, I can unfurl and bare spiritual fruit. What a glorious season it is.

I'm Pastor Matt and I'll see ya on down the narrow road...