Our story is unique in many ways, but not really uncommon.

Risen Life Church is a young non-denominational church that seeks to create community and culture on mission with Christ for Booneville, MS and beyond. Beginning with a few local families in the fall of 2006, Risen Life Church officially launched and dedicated itself to building a church family that is Jesus centered and missionary minded.

Things that make us stand out:

  • We don’t do "conventional" church. We are converting a tractor dealership into a welcoming place to meet Jesus… yeah, that’s pretty un-conventional.
  • Our Wednesday service is for everyone (meaning EVERYONE has a time, place and opportunity to connect to Jesus and friends of Jesus).
  • We're one of the most diverse denominational congregations in Booneville. Yep, we all come from different backgrounds and we each have decided that Jesus is more important than labels.
  • We're always trying to be effective at reaching the disenfranchised and unchurched of our community.
  • We like to have fun, laugh at ourselves and try new things. We're not stuck in a style, mode, hair color or decade. (We still like to quote from Star Wars and some of us like to wear skinny jeans, while others prefer cowboy boots.)

We know. It's sounds too good to be true, right? We are just folks that love Jesus, love His children and love His church.

It's okay to visit. We want you to! It's our promise to make you feel loved without making you feel judged or even awkward. So come on in, we encourage you to check us out.


Are you interested in attending one of our small groups?


We love our community! Booneville is known as the "city of hospitality" and the citizens go out their way to prove it.

We think it is one of the best kept secrets in Mississippi. With awesome schools, community colleges and great outdoor recreation, Booneville is a great place to raise a family and enjoy life.


We believe God sent us the best team ever, so we can raise up the best team yet to come..


Leadership..it's not just people with titles. It's people with heart. God calls all of us to lead and serve. We are proud of the team that God has bless us with. Our goal is simple. We want to live a life that is pleasing to Jesus while providing avenues of growth for those around us. Are our leaders perfect? Nope, but we all love God, His church and His children. Our talents are all His and we will use them to serve and teach others to serve.